Welcome to Real Russia!

“Real Russia” is the first independent English-language channel about Russia created by videoblogger Sergey Baklykov.

The main idea is to make the deepest insight into the real daily life of Russia. Just everything “as is”. This is the channel from Russian people to people from all over the World to show that we are more common than different, that we are the children of the same World.

Since February of 2015 became the first Russian channel which is started to film and produce in 4K-resolution.

Watch all videos at http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog

In any questions: realrussiablog@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Real Russia!

  1. Charlotte

    Hello from North Carolina, USA!

    I had seen a few of your videos before, but just subscribed tonight and started watching from the very beginning. I need to put my phone down and go to sleep; however I’m having difficulty doing that because I want to watch one more video. And then another. And maybe a few more.

    Ufa and the surrounding area is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home with the world and proving that the people of the world really are more alike than we are different.


  2. Jayna

    Good thing you’re doing. Thank you. I can’t send you any money now. Maybe in the future?

  3. Sandesh patil

    Greetings from mumbai(india)
    I have been watching the episodes from 2015 and I really enjoy the way you guys show us different parts and the lifestyles of russian people.I feel like I am walking along with you on the streets of Russia or on the local bus or on metro or even in a departmental stores.
    You actually show things “as is”.Thank you and keep it up.

  4. Flordeliza

    Hello real russia…greetings from philippines.It’s so amazing watching your videos and informative.I knew many histories about Russia coz of the Lost Princess.
    By the way ..how could I avail or buy your tee shirts? Thank you.God bless

  5. Natalie Lopez

    I love watching your channel. I am a high school teacher here in Texas. We want Real Russia to come to real Texas very soon!


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