Actually this website is exist mostly mostly as a Contact page and Crowdfund page of “Real Russia” YouTube channel. But All info and videos are available at http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog

Email: realrussiablog@gmail.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/realrussiablog

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  1. Gustavo Granado


    We are going to Moscow and St Petesburg next october and real russia is relly helping us to know a lot things about Russia, we enjoy so much!

    Just a question: Are you selling the T Shirts yet? How can we buy it?


    Gustavo Granado and Mary Stella
    Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

    1. Charan

      Some time next year I want to take a trip to Vladimir,Russia for about 2 weeks and I was wondering if it would be esiaer to rent a car, take a bus, or go by train? I recommend the express-train.Depart daily from the Moscow Kurskiy (metro Kurskaya ) station.08:0914:0218:0020:10Journey time about 3 h Also will I need and international drivers license in Vladimir? Yes.

  2. Amrit

    Don’t rent a car Russia is NOT USA!!It is 1- expensive2- not safe3 bad roads4 you can get lost ealryveoasly too much hassels, until you really know how to get aroundRussia i wouldn’t suggest you to do that.Take a train or bus.


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