New Camera After Old One Burned Off

I’ve got a serious problem and I need your help! My Panasonic GH4 is dead yesterday while filming the new video. The main chip (all electronic) is burned out, they said today. I’m pissed off big time. Though not sure if I can complain. I used it since January, 2015. Almost 4,5 years (53 months) of unstoppable work. 330 videos (including the “Soviet Boy”) were filmed with it. I was squeezing out maximum of it. Probably, the resource of camera was just exhausted.

In January, 2015, you’re contributed me to get this camera for my videos and it’s fairly worked off on maximum for  many time and now just wore off. So, I’m pissed not because of camera, I’m pissed how can I continue making the videos now. Especially, after recently I’ve got a new lens and drone for aerial shots you began to love so much.

Now I ask you to support the purchase of the new camera. Because all I did with GH4, all those videos was only for you to enjoy. I believe the best option is going to be Panasonic GH5. Just the body for $1,600. It’s the most appropriate and cheap  option because I already have two good lens, many batteries and presets for GH4 which are totally compatible with GH5. Also I got used to GH-series interface and even though it’s died now, it was very reliable until now. Like GH4 in it’s time, I believe GH5 now will also staying up to date for next 4-5 next years.

Thank You!

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GOAL: $1,600.00
REACHED: $1,095.31

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