Since 2012, “Real Russia” is an independent YouTube-channel mostly funded by viewers. That’s why I always produced just a pure content with no ads.

With your support I’ve filmed over 240 videos (episodes, vlogs and series in the US) so far, produced in different places and events of Russia!

Most of the videos filmed in my hometown of Ufa, some are in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and recently there was a first trip outside of Russia – to the United States.

In 2017, I would loved to keep moving forward and extend more of Russia for you! Here are still so many great places that were not covered yet. Like old Russian cities of so called “Garden Ring of Russia”, absolutely beautiful Republic of Altai (Mountain Altai), mysterious Siberia, volcanos of Kamchatka, Lake Baikal which is one of favorite places to visit of even James Cameron, Arkaim and more!

That is why it is important for me to ask you to donate my channel. When you donate, it’s not just a single donation but an investment into one big common thing which helps to move this channel forward! This is how already over 200 videos were produced so far! Let’s keep making more and better together!

Please, donate just as much as you can! No matter how much you’ll donate I will record a personal video sign to every donator and send to your e-mail address.

Thank You!

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Raised for videos in 2017: $4,575
Goal: $6,000
*All funds goes for producing the new videos.

Below just a few of many places of Russia which are not covered yet!

Lake Baikal, Russia

Volcanos of Kamchatka, Russia

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

Golden Mountains of Altai, Russia

Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, Russia

Mother Russia Is Calling in Volgograd, Russia

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