The Car

This year (2019), I began to extend the geography of my shootings, as much as I can. Because it’s so interesting. Much better than to film just nearby Ufa or even St Petersburg which is a great city but it will be great to continue the variety between St Petersburg and many other cities.

Lately, I already visited and filmed the places like Vyborg, Novgorod The Great, Pskov, Toratau, Tash-Astyi, Kazan, Sviyazhsk and Great Bolgar. But there could be more cities, if I had a car. I absolutely no need it in St Peterburg, as it’s easier without your own car there. I sold it yet a year ago. But you said it right during the Live Stream today (31 July, 2019), I need a car for travels. It gives more freedom – you just go anytime and anywhere you want and take your time for shooting as much as you need.

Let’s see if we can fundraise the money for the. I no need a new or fancy car. Just used reliable car to carry my ass all around the places collecting the content. For maybe like $5k or so.

Since by your request, yet 10 months ago, I stopped the video ads on my channel, please don’t ignore to participate this crowdfunding. Thank you!

P.S. If will be not raised enough of funds for any decent car, I will refund all of these contributions.

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Goal: $5,000